​I’m Hope, the face behind the lens, and I can’t wait to learn your story!



My goal as a photographer is to capture not only how you looked during our session, but how you felt. Anyone can snap basic iPhone photos nowadays, but does everyone have the chance to hold photos that truly capture the feeling and emotions, and memories layered between the people in front of the camera? That’s my goal: for you to look back on the images and remember the deep connection you felt in that moment and how it captures the essence of your relationships (with your fiancé, kids, siblings, spouse, dog, parakeet, you name it!)



I’m a Michigan-raised optimist with a heart for all things bright and beautiful. I’m known as the girl with her hands in too many cookie jars at once, but nothing makes me happier. Apart from photography (my beloved art!), I’m an Occupational Therapist and a long-time girls soccer coach. I tend to THRIVE with an ever-changing landscape that keeps me on my toes.


People often describe me as positive, upbeat, empathetic, always smiling, enthusiastic, constantly moving, and bringing positive energy into any room (I’m an Enneagram 7, what can I say). I’m the friend who stops and waits for you to tie your shoe while everyone keeps walking, and I’m down for any adventure at the drop of a hat. Despite my many endeavors, I’m exceptionally organized and a big planner: I love looking forward to the next exciting thing around the corner.


Back in middle school I was that girl carrying around her hot pink point-and-shoot camera, taking pictures and videos of me and my friends creating (now cringeworthy) dances and photoshoots in our backyards. Fast forward to high school and discovering my first DSLR (thanks for the loan, mom) and taking online photography courses. Although I pursued Exercise Science and Spanish as majors in college, I still managed to fit in a minor in Studio Art with emphasis in Photogaphy! I’ll never forget those magical moments in my film class making images come to life in the dark room. Since then I have always found a way to keep photography in my life.


So here I am today, with a healthy dose of self-education under my wings, ready to capture your beautiful, silly, messy moments of life.


For 2020, my portrait sessions begin at $180, and weddings at $2,100. Please reach out for a pricing guide with more detailed information!


Fill out the contact form HERE or email hopehinkenphotography@gmail.com and I'll get back to you asap!



Some of my favorite things!

  • All things Lake Michigan. I’m a Great Lakes gal to the core

  • Finding the best hammocking spots in the dunes to read and watch the sunset

  • Minimalism and intentional living

  • Books: mostly on self-development (although I’m a bit overly optimistic when it comes to the large stack I keep hoping to consume)

  • Maintaining quality relationships <3

  • Being active: lots of walks, hiking, running, soccer, tennis, yoga

  • Watching dramatic shows in Spanish (fun fact: I’m bilingual!)

  • Roxy: my family’s border collie mix with loads of energy

  • When a big beautiful word is used casually in the perfect context of a sentence (one of the best sounds in the world)

  • Green or Matcha tea and all things chocolate

  • The smell of puppies in the fall (trust me, it’s a real thing)